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3D-NIXUS (R) is the 3DCG system, especially for TV broadcasting, which carries out the high quality rendered 3DCG animation in real time.
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* NIXUS is the registered trademarkof Nikko Telecommunications Co., Ltd.▶Nikko Telecommunications Co., Ltd.


■About 3D-NIXUS

"3D-NIXUS" was jointly developed by fusion of 3D handling technology cultivated over the many years of
our company, and the broadcast system handling technology over the many years of
"Nikko Telecommunications Co., Ltd." as a multiple-purpose real-time CG system mainly used on
CG platform for broadcast.
* [3D-NIXUS] Technical information page
▶Micronet 3DCG sysetm Development

3D-NIXUS Workflow

By improvement in 3DCG technology, it has been tended to complicate data.
It is expected that the labor of a data design continues to increase.
The performance of hardware improves further and more information can be handled now.
"I would like to do differing from the other company." "I would like to be differentiated."
To such a request, it will be necessary to take effective use of CG property into consideration
besides the labor of the data work in a monolithic system.

Moreover, there is possibility of outsourcing by more advanced needs.
CG authoring environment of the standard of "3D-NIXUS" has adopted "3dsMAX" series
of Autodesk. This realizes the effective workflow for solving the above problems.



The indispensable "sport coder" system in sport relay broadcast programs, such as baseball and soccer,
which carries out OA of the huge game information correctly and quickly.
The system which visualizes various information by the vision effect with impact.
The "virtual field" system which gives visually a synthetic indication of the ski jumping and the golf game which utilized virtual CG technology intelligibly.

■3D telop system library for broadcasting

Provides a program library and motion editor for the Broadcast telop system.
Because the telop is treated as a 3D object, it can be edited with a high degree of freedom.
The necessary IN and OUT motions for telop can be set for each take.
Highly flexible ticker motion with 3D control by Motion Editor.
Various wipes can be set up. (The screen shows a circle wipe in action.)
Light running effect motion can be added to the ticker.
3D object data can be imported, such as collada files.

Performance at work

* 3D-NIXUS (R) has been applied successfully to the following programs in Japan.
STV "D! Ambitious -Atuki Dosanko Damashii-"
"D! Ambitious -Atuki Dosanko Damashii-"
  ( *Titles omitted. In random order. )








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